Holiday Season

The Collages Com Calendar

2024 Calendars

Seasonal Art Collection

Posters, canvases, acrylic and metal artworks

Metal, wood, acrylic, canvases and posters of original design

For high resolution files to be printed as posters or canvases of necessary size, make a selection from the portfolio and contact us

Wall Art

Canvases and Posters

Monitoring Moon influences will make your life easier in so many ways

Goal Setter Journal will help to make the best of 2024

Do you have several pounds to shed before Holiday Season? This Journal will help you to look and feel great!

Journals and Projects

Events and Festivities

Mens wear for Holiday events and other occasions from Store 1 and Store 2.

Looking for a unique outfit for your office party? Store 1 and Store 2 have a lot to offer.

Getting engaged or meeting someone special for a very first time? Store 1 and Store 2 will assist you with dress to impress.

Home and Comfort

Various home and kitchen gifts of original design

Ideas for home and home office

Original design for men, women and children

Plus size collections at Store 1 and Store 2

Collection for introverts and their supporters

Day to day wear for everyone

Comfortable wear and necessities for travel

Ladies fitness apparel from Store 1 and Store 2.

Sport and travel